Zepp Show Summary 20th Anniversary Tour Confirmed

Yesterday, in case you weren't already aware, Muse performed at the Zepp, in Tokyo, Japan. From the downright bonkers costumes, to the mind-blowing set, we have provided a summary of things you may have missed.

Dead Star
Micro Cuts
Liquid State
Hyper Music
New Born
Yes Please
Time is Running Out
Plug in Baby
Panic Station (w/ What's He Building In There? intro)
Supermassive Black Hole
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

The band also tweeted after the gig. Matt stated the show was a warm up for a 20th anniversary tour, which will most likely happen next year. Dom tweeted a picture while saying it was the funniest gig he's ever done, while Chris informed us that he lost a considerable about of sweat.

Tom Kirk also confirmed on Twitter that the show was filmed and will be released, some believing that it may be used for this year's Christmas present.

A user on the Muse subreddit has compiled an excellent list of photos and videos from the gig too, which can be found here.

So what did you think of the gig and the news of a upcoming anniversary tour? Sound off in the comments, and share any videos or pictures you can find!