Zane Lowes Big Plans

[Update 3 - First 'The Resistance' Review!]

Zane Lowe - "New album - A beautifully recorded, strong, sweeping, fighting, uplifting, rocking, lilting and inclusive record about love."

[Update 2]

Zane is currently listening to the album and will be posting 'some words' about it in approximately one hour! There have also been some more pictures added to his yfrog account


Zane Lowe is at Lake Como interviewing Muse and will be listening to their new record shortly. Visit Zane Lowe's twitter account (and Muse's) for more tweets and pictures!

Radio One DJ, Zane Lowe, has just announced that he has some very big plans to help Muse fans celebrate the release of Muse's 5th album, 'The Resistance', due to be released mid-September. Zane is taking time off his radio show to fly to Lake Como to meet the band and share his experiences with us.

Rumours suggest that the first single from The Resistance may be aired on Zane's radio show this Monday.

Have your salt on stand-by.