Zane Lowe

Well, the suspense was huge, but we all knew what he was going to say :p

Basically, you can win tickets if you listen to their show for ages to find certain lyrics. But i can be bothered so i just entered on the website.

He seems to think that Absolution will get to number 1 :) yay.

Oh, here's a review of TIRO by TOTP

Normally a Muse tune starts off preposterously loud, gets louder, then increases in volume to the point where your iPod can be heard clearly in Istanbul. This, however, is an entirely different affair. Pianos tinkle in an eerie way, Matt Bellamy issues a croon that'd charm a squirrel from his nest and this gloriously epic, romantic chorus drops from the very heavens to cleanse and heal the soul. Not bad, boys, not bad at all...

Dam those squirrels!