XFM Interview With Dom

Here is the XFM interview with Dom about the Time Is Running Out Video amongst other things

"We shot it a few weeks ago. The set's based on the bit in 'Dr Strangelove' where they all sit round the table and Strangelove himself makes an appearance. It's based around that, it looks pretty much identical to that, actually. So we have all these people sitting around the table looking like they're having a meeting, it's trying to suggest that there's some kind of secret government out there or some kind of leadership that's outside of the government as we know it. Kind of suggesting that the world is actually run by militant figures and media corporation bosses and oil company bosses, all these different people around the table seemingly making decisions about the world. But actually, in our video, they're all just doing this synchronised dance. So all they're really doing is hanging out together, having a laugh!

"Do I believe in a secret giovernment? I think it's quite possible. Matt [Bellamy]'s reading a book about the trilateral commission, all these high-powered figures, just a handful of people from different countries, who do actually have the majority of control over decisions about the world. Politicians are almost puppets, just people who the public can relate to, who are percieved as slightly grounded.

"I think it's on the edge when artists start preaching about politics. We're not really a politically-led band; it's not really what we sing about and it's not really what we like to sit around and talk about. We're not politicians, we didn't go to univeristy and study politics and we're not particularly educated in that field, there's a whole bunch of people out there who are, and they tend to work in politics. When artists or famous people start talking about politics it can kind of detract from people who actually know what they're talking about. People just look to the stars, to see what they've got to say, when maybe they should be looking to the people who know what they're talking about. It's fair enough to express your opinion, but I think it can give a bad name to protest."