Woah Nelly

Right, I think this news post needs to be put up to clear a few "problems" which we've encountered recently.

A few days ago, a user called "Mr. X" signed up to Muselive.com and purchases an unlimited bandwidth account. They posted in our Subscriber forums using the thread title:

"Top Secret Sausages"

Inside this topic were the words "Yousendit Rocks" which linked to a 20 seconds MP3 of what people are guessing is a new Muse track. Our members can confirm this!

It was not until earlier today that we discovered this was indeed a 20 second track, when members on this and other websites started to talk about it - as you can imagine, we don't have time to check every single thread in our forums for ilelgal MP3s.

Once we realised this was on Yousendit, we made the link redundant and contacted Muse's management to tell them that things could go a bit sticky (a la SMBH). We were advised to try and stop the file from spreading.

We then contacted Musesyndrome.com to tell them that they should take the track down or else we (being their host) could get into some serious doodah. After several hours of not hearing from them and the link not being removed from their site we had to suspend their account.

We are not evil malevolent dictators and we were not charging access to this download! We resent being lied about and find it insulting after all the hard work we put into this website.

Please people, get your facts straight before throwing accusations here, there and everywhere!

Coming up: some Muse news, inevitably.