Win an iPod Colour Competition Open to All Coming Soon

Muselive will be running a competition within the next few weeks for you to win your very own iPod Colour (20GB) bundled with lots of Muse tracks, albums, rare b-sides etc etc.

First of all though, we have to get the iPod (We dont have £200 lying around, unfortunately) so we've set an account up on We need 3 more referrals until we get sent the ipod. Most of you probably know how this works, but meh.

Anyways, if anyone would like to support our competition (Details soon!) please contact me by PM. One of the offers which you can complete there is completely free, ill tell you about it if you ask for more details.

Anyway, the remaining 3 referrals who contribute to the competition will get some goodies from the staff at!

New advertiser

On a side-note, we're trialling a new advertiser. As you can see, at the top of the site we are advertising "Headspun", who offer band-orientated merchandise. We get paid per sale, so if you want to help out, pay them a visit :)