Whats Happening in Museland

No-one really knows, (other than recording a new album!) but thanks to mono, we have some interesting news taken from the website, L&SI.

FX kits out Muse & Morrissey

Europe - FX Rentals reports that it is servicing a number of major recording projects at present, while continuing its ongoing relationship with US producer Rich Costey, who' is working on Muse's new album at Studio Miraval in the South of France.

FX recently supplied and installed equipment for a studio at the home of Franz Ferdinand lead singer Alex Kapranos and is also supplying equipment for a two-month hire at Forum Music Village in Rome, where Morrissey is working on his new album with producer Tony Visconti and long-term writing partner Alan White.

For this hire, FX put together a specially-configured Tascam Gigasampler Workstation, plus other vintage gear including a Vox Continental organ, a Wurlitzer electric piano, and a Yamaha CP70 keyboard, together with Neve 1081 and 1073 and Massenburg 8200 equalisers, Empirical Labs Distressors, Avalon VT737SP mic preamps and Neumann mics.