Welcome to Teignmouth MUSE Impotence Drug

Plans to honour top band in its hometown go "limp"

Plans to honour a top Devon rock band by marking their birthplace have been withdrawn - because the group's name has links to impotence.

Teignmouth Town Council chairman David Cox had proposed to boost the town's profile by adding "Home of Muse" to the Welcome to Teignmouth signs on the edge of town.

He thought mention of the band, formed in Teignmouth 10 years ago, would make the town attractive to a younger market.
He has been forced to drop the idea after it was pointed out the name MUSE was an acronym for Medicated Urethral Suppository for Erection - an impotence treatment.

The council had initially given the idea lukewarm support but agreed to consult residents on the proposal. But on Tuesday Mr Cox decided not to pursue the idea.

He said: "I thought the slogan 'Hometown of Muse' would create a fresher younger image of the town, than the current 'Gem of South Devon', a slogan taken from a 1960 British Railway's poster. But now I see the MUSE slogan might not send the right message.

"Nevertheless, I am keen the town honours some of its most famous sons. A small but significant number of foreign tourists come to Teignmouth because it's the hometown of Muse - yet there is little for them to see.

"The band has a large following in the town, but a surprising number of people don't realise how big Muse are internationally."