Weekend ReviewInterview Roundup

It's been a busy weekend for music journalists everywhere it seems! To prevent flooding the front page with countless reviews an interviews, we have summarised the most important/interesting here:

Hot Press Magazine (page 82) give The Resistance a review and a rating of 4 stars (out of 5).

Matt is interviewed by Vanity Fair, "Well, when I am on stage I feel a kind of power...but I ‘ve never seen myself like a man able to talk to the masses: it’s rock that can talk to the people. I am only an instrument of something bigger". Check out the transcript on the official forums

Muse are on the cover of (the Italian) Rolling Stones magazine (along with Oasis). If you're a dab hand at Italian you can read the article here

Yahoo! 7 Music review The Resistance and talk about Uprising, USoE and The Treasure Hunt whilst Matt reveals international influences which helped shape the album. Read the article here

If we've missed any, post in the comments and we'll update the news post!