Watch Muse's Set From Rock Werchter

Muse headlined the Rock Werchter festival last night, which was streamed live around the world.

The stream has since ended up on YouTube - check it out here or watch below.

Thanks to Reddit for the setlist:

[Main Set]

Psycho (w/Drill Sergeant) SMBH
Micro Cuts!
The Handler
Dead Inside
Hysteria (w/ Interlude & Back In Black riff outro)
Munich Jam (w/ Special Guests: Breakdancing Guy & Security Guy)
Citizen Erased!!
Apocalypse Please!
Plug In Baby (Short intro)
Mercy (Streamers and Confetti are pretty cool, huh?)
Time Is Running Out
Reapers (Awesome intro)
Stockholm Syndrome (w/ Township Rebellion riff outro) (Poor amp...)


Uprising (w/ JFK) (I have to admit that Matt's guitar sounded cool during JFK but still a big tease.) Starlight
Knights of Cydonia (w/ Man With A Harmonica)