Warner Completes Muse Catalogue Buy-up

Muse’s entire publishing catalogue is to reside in one place for the first time after Warner/Chappell signed a deal covering the band’s first three albums.

The arrangement, which applies to the albums Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution plus related repertoire including the live album Hullabaloo, B-sides and EP songs, covers the world, excluding the US and Mexico, and builds on an earlier agreement between the publisher and the band.

That deal covered the rest of Muse’s songs, including the album Black Holes And Revelations, HAARP and future works, such as new album The Resistance, which will be released by Warner Bros on September 14.

“Ever since I did my deal starting with Black Holes And Revelations, I knew the first three albums would become available in the near future,” says Warner/Chappell UK managing director Richard Manners.

These albums were previously looked after by Taste Music, the publishing arm of the band’s former management company, which Manners says Warner/Chappell already sub-published in a number of territories.

“For us, it was straightforward,” he says. “We had a good relationship with Taste Music, so we were able to make a seamless transition into the Warner/Chappell family.”

For Manners, having the band’s entire song catalogue, which is primarily penned by frontman Matt Bellamy, under one roof will help with sync opportunities.

“There’s a very big broadcast deal in the offing that was originally envisaged as a track from the new album, but the broadcaster expressed an interest in the catalogue, so we’ve done a deal with one of the older songs. The fact we represent both made it very easy,” he says.

Syncs have figured heavily in the band’s career; songs have been used in a number of movies, including hit film Twilight.

Manners describes Muse as “the best live rock band in the world”.

“Muse have taken a lot of stick in their career; they were perceived as Radiohead wannabes, but they’ve held their own,” he says. “They had a vision and they’ve stuck to it. They have an incredibly loyal fanbase because it works both ways: they treat their fans really well with regard to such things as getting hold of tickets.”

The new album will create a further opportunity for the band to establish themslves as one of the UK’s biggest global acts. Their most recent album, Black Holes And Revelations, reached number one in Australia and across Europe. However, Manners says the “real prize” would be to conquer the US.

“Whether it happens with this record I don’t know, but I’ve no doubt it will happen” he adds.