Useless Stats - Absolution Tour

Thanks to Maria for telling me about this...

Q spoke to Muse and gave some stats about their tour:

Total official crew: 28
Full-time video diarists: 1
Local ballon wranglers: 7
Huge white balloons: 20
Small black balloons: 2000
Cost of confetti used each night: £2000
Weight of each box containing the five video screens: 280 kg
Combined length of cables used: approx 18 miles
Number of local hired roadies: between 10 and 30
Number of hours to build set each night: 5
Number of hours to dismantle set: 4
Tubs of Catfight hair gel used over tour: 10
Bottles of Jack Daniels consumed each night: 5
Cans of Red Stripe consumed each night: 60
And Red Bull: 20
Number of smoothie makers: 1