Upgrade Your Account

Im currently working on a new feature.

By paying a subscription (one time payment of £10), you will have access to the following new features:

- Bootlegs before normal users get them
- More File Space to host images, mp3s etc. on (20mb+)
- An unlimited page journal.
- A special members area
- A higher user level - Caption of your choice
- Access to the "private" areas of the forum.
- A message of your choice to go into the newsletter (once set up!)
- Honour.
- The knowledge of knowing that you've helped out at the site!

If you'd like to become a paid member, please send £10 to my paypal address, t_wilson@burntmail.com, along with details (user name, caption, message etc)

In other news, another 5 tracks have been added to the Bournemouth Bootleg :)