UPDATE Australian Absolution Re-Release

Thanks to Sound World for this information:

I am the manager of a music store in Newcastle, Australia called Sound World (http://www.soundworld.com.au) We specialise in selling exclusive Australian releases to fans all throughout the world.

On Monday August 30th Muse's amazing album Absolution is getting some special treatment. The album is being re-released exclusively for the Australian market to coincide with their sold out national tour. The re-release will feature a bonus 6 track live disc recorded by Triple J radio station down here in Australia. This release would definitely interest Muse fans who will be looking to get their hands on a copy.

So this lucky Aussie's will be getting some extra Muse stuff - bastards!

You can buy this special edition of the album (Now Reduced to $24.95 AUD (About 14 Euros)

Here on soundworld.

Disc 2 tracklisting:

1 Stockholm Syndrome
2 Newborn
3 Muscle Museum
4 Hysteria
5 Bliss
6 Time Is Running Out