Upcoming live dvd

After all the camera's and recordings going on at gigs, everyone has been getting mroe and more hyped up about the chance to have a dvd with the likes of Hullabaloo.

This is quoted from an e-mail by Tom Kirk:

"We've got absolutely bucket loads of footage and performance recordings. There will of course be another dvd one day down the road and it will no doubt feature earls court in part. Though we can't give a date right now and we can't just release it of the cuff as it needs to be timed correctly with record label approval etc... and it needs to be fucking good too! I know the fans would buy just about anything if it meant watching the band, but if its gonna top hullabaloo it will take me a lot of time to put it together. Editing is a bit of a time consumer you know. We want to release something that gives a different angle to any dvd we've made before. It will come. Be patient!"

Well, they do say 'Good things come to those who wait' :O_o