Under the Radar Interview

Under the Radar

Interview by Marcus Kagler
Photos by Derrick Santini

After three albums and almost ten years together, the past three years have finally borne fruit for Muse (vocalist/guitarist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wostenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard). Their third album, 2003’s Absolution (released in America in 2004), broke the English trio into the mainstream and heralded the worldwide success that would lead them to the prized headliner slot at Glastonbury and two years of exhausting tours. Now that the band has completed their fourth and most anticipated album yet, Black Holes and Revelations, Bellamy is ready to start up the juggernaut of press and tours once more. Bellamy, who is currently living in northern Italy, was concerned with England’s World Cup progress when Under the Radar got him on the phone, but he was also game for discussions on the change in Muse’s sound, the necessity for political revolution, and how a little bit of Italy crept into Muse’s epic, progressive battle cries....