Track by Track Review

MusicRadar presents a positive review of Muse's new album, The Resistance. The track by track approach gives a much clearer picture of where the album can expect to take us than we have heard so far. We are also told that the 30 second preview of Resistance is not the chorus, and that Unnatural Selection seems to change three or four times throughout its duration.

OK, you're scared, right? Don't be. On first listen, The Resistance is a masterwork that offers plenty of aural thrills. Bellamy's Manson guitars are locked on 'stun' throughout, although we do have a quibble, and it's a major one: He's a bit of a tease.

Every time Bellamy launches into a mind-melting or soul-expanding solo, he pulls back, as if to say, "That's enough." This can be irritating since too much of a good thing is a great thing, and not enough of a good thing is a cheat.

That's the problem when you want to cram so much music into each song - something's gotta give. Bellamy's a modern-day rock god shred king, right up there with the best of them. On The Resistance, when he should let us bathe and luxuriate in his six-string triumphs, he gives us brief, refreshing showers.
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