Total Guitar Totally Like Muse

In the first ever Total Guitar Reader Awards Muse were mentioned in the following categories:

Matt Bellamy: 8th in Guitarist of the Year
Muse: 6th in Best Band of the Year
Supermassive Blackhole: 4th in Best Single
Blackholes and Revelations: 3rd Best Album

In a seperate feature "50 best guitar albums of the year" as decided by the staff of TG rather than its readers like the awards above, BHAR came 2nd after Mastadon's Blood Mountain.

"Hendrix's Visionary 'Studio as a giant guitar effect' philosophy was at the heart of Muse's latest opus featuring flamenco guitar, mariachi horns, military drumming, eastern violins and sledgehammer riffs..."

[admin note: good joke in the title, eh? :wink]