Total Guitar Interview w Matt Bellamy

It starts with the sound of massed armies approaching and ends with a single dying power chord: it's called Apocalypse Please and it's the opening track on Muse's extraordinary new album Absolution. From here on in it's a non-stop lunatic ride through some of the grandest, most unashamedly epic guitar music ever created, taking in mournful death marches (Blackout), sound-and-fury riffing (Stockholm Syndrome), and thunderous end-of-the-world anthems (Time Is Running Out). In the months leading up to the album's release, Matt Bellamy told the press that the coming Muse record would be more 'uplifting' than previous efforts. We needn't have worried. From its portentous opening bars to its final, desolate climax, Absolution is about as 'uplifting' as a nuclear holocaust....

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Enjoy :)