Ticketing Update - Later Today

The official tickets website for Muse's upcoming tour has been updated, stating that fans who applied in the pre-sale will find out later today if they have been successful, rather than tomorrow as previously announced.

We have been overwhelmed with the response. All applicants will be notified by email on Tuesday 12th June.


Users have started receiving confirmation e-mails. Looks like Glasgow applicants are the first to be notified. Keep your eyes peeled :)

Update 2

London O2 - Friday e-mails now being sent.

Update 3

The floodgates are open. E-mails are currently being sent to all successful applicants. There have been no reports yet of 'Sorry, you were unsuccessful' e-mails.

Update 4

Fear not if you haven't yet received an e-mail. Crowdsurge (the ticket supplier) have told users that some e-mails will be sent out at midnight.