Three New Muse/Dom Instagram Shots to Check Out

As seems to be a new album custom for Muse at the moment, there are some new Instagram shots from Dom and the band to study. Well, mostly from Dom.

One, from the official Muse account, says "Take 7 coming up". The first from Dom simply states "Canada..", while his second shot of the day says "Waiting to play round two on a track. No offensive..".

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Waiting to play round two on a track. No offensive..

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What can we read into these? Well, the first shot from Muse's account, seems to be a Dom selfie (he's really getting into his selfies). In the foreground you can see his drum kit, while in the background you can see a piano, presumably for Matt. Could we be getting a slow, melodic piano song, akin to Unintended or parts of Citizen Erased? Incidentally, Matt has tweeted that a sequel to Citizen Erased 'will be played on the next tour'. Intriguing.

In the second shot, we can see a bridge, which according to the comments is in Vancouver (fits with the 'Canada' line). We know Muse are recording the new album in Vancouver, so this does fit with what we already have to work with.

In the third and final shot, another Dom selfie, features Chris and his bass guitar (I think it's one of his Status S-2 basses, but I may be wrong) and some mixing desks.

Muse's new album is scheduled to arrive in summer 2015. It's a long time to wait, but it's looking increasingly likely that it'll be worth it.