This Is Fake DIY The Charts Await

This was recently posted on Thisisfakediy. Apparently the first(!) review of the song:

Muse; overblown space rock protagonists specialising in the epic and extravagant, yeah? Not quite. If you're looking for the 'fuck me, that's a bit different' comeback of the year, this is it. Matt Bellamy has turned electro sex dwarf.

It's true that, after repeated listens, 'Absolution' sounded just too big for it's own good, occasionally slipping into something between self parody and a Tina Turner stadium rock tribute. Contained within, however, were the hints of something great; the flashes of electronica that ran throughout the breathy 'Endlessly' certainly did the trick.

'Supermassive Black Hole' may be the most ridiculous song title of the year, but it's also the Devon trio's super hit in waiting. Throw away all those ideas of what a Muse song should sound like, because this isn't it. Those electronic tendencies have been developed and, where, last time round, 'Time Is Running Out' was slightly removed from the usual rule book, this rips it up, spits it out and tracks down the nearest disco ball.

Bass lines, beeps and metronomic beats envelop a falsetto that refuses to grate. Think Soulwax, Millionaire or, hell, even Prince, and you wouldn't be far off. A funked up riff and layered vocals all combine to make a track with a genuine groove. Electro-pop never sounded this damn huge; the charts await.