Theory - Muse to Perform at Apple Event Next Week?

Now we don't normally report on speculation and hearsay, but I thought this one warranted a mention. /u/KasabianChess, member of social news website Reddit, posted this earlier today, theorising that Muse may make an appearance at next week's Apple event.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a theory!

Apple is holding an event next week. One of the things that they're expected to debut is Beats radio (or apple radio?) They recently hired Zane Lowe from BBC radio 1 to join the Apple (radio?) team.

Matt just tweeted out a pic of Zane Lowe and the band, stating that he is going to meet "Jimmy" (Iovine from the Apple/Beats team) very soon. Putting two and two together I really think that they're going to perform at the event next week. Apple does this a lot (Foo Fighters, Coldplay, U2 etc..) so it would not be out of the ordinary. I assume that apple would have muse play a new song in order to push the publicity for apple radio.

We reckon they could be on to something...