The Saga Continues - 5 Promos up for grabs

We're still fundraising for those juicy server upgrades. For those of you who are skeptical about the pricing, please head over to and look at their "Upgrades" section. It's hard to explain why they charge so much, but it's to do with the support they provide and the time and expense of their technicials installing further hardware.

Anyway, Tom Kirk has very generously donated some promotional CDs (Absolution) for our fundraising effort! Thank you so much!

We are selling these on eBay!

They are ALL sealed, ALL unplayed and ALL very very pretty.

Included in the auction is Absolution Album Promo, Sing For Absolution Promo, Hysteria Promo, B&H Promo, TIRO Promo

Please excuse the quality of the poorly formatted eBay listing!

Get Bidding!