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Planet Sound (Teletext) June 18th

"It's ironic Muse play Wembley on the same evening as 7 Ages Of Rock showed the ignoble history of stadium rock. Until now. What went on here was a bona fide event, a riot that should be required viewing for any band thinking of playing stadiums. OK, yer average Muse arena/festival gig is spectacular enough. But this built on those foundations and showed the trio are as visionary in presenting themselves as they are in the music.

It should be noted that, after all the bumache in getting the Stadium ready, the seats give decent viewing access. More importantly, the sound is great, infinately clearer than the old venue, indeed, virtually any arena. It allows Matt Bellamy's falsetto and mammoth soloing to soar, as they respond to the challenge by playing with the enthusiasm and skill of a band who can't believe they're at Wembley, but fully deserve to be.

There are too many highlights to list in full, but what about the see of mobile phones lighting up the venue like a mini-galaxy? Or the acrobats hovering above the crowd attached to their trademark white balloons for the moving Blackout? This was no U2 Zooropa exercise in irony, but the sight of a band creating havoc and setting new standards in open air performance. Only one concern - the electricity bill must be huge."