The Resistance Tour Plans Revealed

Remember this tweet? " Interview with Magdalena from radio Fritz in Hamburg!"?

LeniInChains contacted Magdalena B. from RBB and asked her about her interview with Matt. She talks of Matt's plans for their next tour.

Marlén (translated)
"Hello Marlén,

we talked about the new album that has been recorded without any producer in their own new studio in Italy. They had a lot of fun (you probably already know their latest youtube videos).

The new album is (as always) grandiose... 11 tracks... all between 4-6 minutes long. We talked about their shows which they're already very excited about because they will be playing in big arenas in Germany for the first time (for example the Lanxess Arena) and it's going to be a show where they're playing in the centre in a sort of "extra building" and the audience stands all around and acrobats hover in the air... sounds interesting...
Besides, they will be U2's opening act in September, but only in America...

Anyway, they are very nice and easy-going guys (without airs).. Chris is a chain smoker ;-) and I think they're not able to believe how successful they really are when thinking of Wembley. Anyhow they're not the (according to Chris) "nerds who talk about conspiracy theories and the end of the world all day long".