The Mysterious Qua Speaks

Thanks to Joe Perkins here, who supposedly had a conversation with Matt on AIM (the old anagram e-mail). Real / Fake?

bumblingfool32: Hi
Qua: Hello
bumblingfool32: Who is this?
Qua: That's a bit forward, who are you?
bumblingfool32: Joe Perkins.......
bumblingfool32: From the UK
Qua: Hi Joe
bumblingfool32: Hey
bumblingfool32: So, who do I have the pleasure of
speaking with?
Qua: Matt
bumblingfool32: What? Bellamy??
Qua: probably
bumblingfool32: What? You're kidding??
bumblingfool32: Seriously?
Qua: easy tiger
bumblingfool32: lol
bumblingfool32: So, hows the new album going?
Qua: good, starting to mix next week
bumblingfool32: Brilliant...decided on a title for it yet?
Qua: titles come last
bumblingfool32: Oh right....well, I imagine its sounding
Qua: quite differnt
Qua: but good
bumblingfool32: Great! You say its expected around
spring time?
Qua: Music Chat UK
bumblingfool32: Not letting me on! :-(
bumblingfool32: Wants a URL.
bumblingfool32: You planning to tour the UK when its
Qua signed off at 15:25:04.

Way to scare him off, Joe :p