The Mighty Boosh Were taking band tips from Muse

The Mighty Boosh have declared they are taking inspiration from Muse as they prepare to headline their own festival as a band.

As previously reported, the Boosh played a low key 'dress rehearsal' gig last week (June 6), but are promising big things when they play their festival on July 5.

"We're going to try and make some stupidly elaborate odyssey," Julian Barratt told NME.COM. "I want to get some lasers attached to my guitar so I can do people’s cataracts while I solo, and I want a leather 'Matrix' coat like Muse."

He added: "Dave (Brown, who plays Bollo) will be doing backing stuff and percussion and Mike (Fielding, who plays Naboo) will be sitting on a toadstool and playing a magic sitar."