The Helen Kirk Foundation

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Supergroup backing for Helen's foundation

29 March 2006
Herald Express
(c) 2006 Herald Express

International rock supergroup Muse have volunteered to back a new South Devon charity helping local schoolchildren on the road to artistic fame.

The band, who grew up in Teignbridge, are the new patrons of The Helen Foundation, set up in memory of their friend Helen Kirk, 24, from Shaldon, who was killed in a Boxing Day car crash.

Helen's mother Annie said: "The boys in Muse knew Helen well and loved her a lot and this was because of their friendship with her. They had already given a donation to the foundation but they wanted to do more and we were so delighted when they put themselves forward as patrons."

A spokesman for Muse, who are currently in Norway promoting their forthcoming album, said: "Muse are very proud of their Teignbridge roots, and recognise that the area has much artistic talent to be uncovered."

Helen's brother Tom, who works for Muse, said: "The band really wanted to show their backing for what the Helen Foundation represents, because they had a lot of assistance from the Prince's Trust which helped them buy their first musical equipment and get them started when they were still students at Teignmouth Community College."