The Drones Tour Has Begun! [SPOILERS]

It all kicked off last night in Mexico City, where Muse played at the Palacio de los Deportes to a crowd of close to 20,000.

Setlist speculation has been rife in the build up to their first gig - Reddit's /u/30SecondsToMercury has done a fantastic job of documenting the details:


Drones (Live Debut)
[Drill Sergeant]
Dead Inside (Morgan on guitar)
Plug In Baby (Extended Outro)
The 2nd Law: Isolated System (Tour Debut)
The Handler
Hysteria ('Back In Black' Riff Outro)
Supermassive Black Hole ('Voodoo Child' Riff Intro)
Apocalypse Please
Munich Jam
Undisclosed Desires (Tour Debut)
Revolt (Live Debut)
Time Is Running Out (Extended Intro)
Uprising (Extended Outro; Morgan on guitar)

-- ENCORE 1 --

The Globalist (Live Debut)

-- ENCORE 2 --

Mercy (Dedicated to Paris)
Knights Of Cydonia (Man With A Harmonica Intro)

Interestingly, Matt did not play the guitar on Dead Inside or Uprising, instead leaving the task to magnificent Morgan.

Let's not speak of the fact that Drones was played twice. Twice, I tell you - I kid thee not.

If that wasn't enough, they'll be doing it all over again tonight!