Telegraph - Seaside Rendezvous Review

Neil McCormick has reviewed Muse's homecoming gigs for The Telegraph.

Neil McCormick
Muse in Teignmouth, Devon, review
Space rockers Muse returned home in triumph for their concert in their home town of Teignmouth. Rating: * * * * *

“Hello, Teignmouth!” yelled Matt Bellamy, geekily smiling as thousands of arms were raised aloft in greeting.

This must be every band’s secret fantasy: taking over their hometown to perform a triumphant open-air concert in front of family, friends, schoolteachers and (one imagines) bullies and detractors.

Especially for a trio of nerdy outsiders such as Muse, who have stealthily crept from critically degraded, sci-fi-obsessed Radiohead acolytes to super-slick, bombastic space-rockers poised on the precipice of global superstardom. Success is the best revenge.