Teignmouth Gig Part 1

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Today is the first gig Muse have played since their headlining slots at V Festival last year (correct me if I'm wrong). They are playing at The Den in Teignmouth, their hometown and inspiration for one of their earliest songs, Falling Down (Showbiz).

Unfortunately, our funky new feature isn't quite ready, so I'll be your live-blogger-who-is-actually-in-NYC for tonight's gig, due to start at about 8PM (GMT). I'll be trawling Twitter, our forums and speaking to contacts at the gig to give you a picture of what's going on, but there may be things I'll miss - keep me updated in the forums and I'll be sure to update the news post.

So, let's start tonight's festivities (newest at the top)!

NB These are updated as we receive them - they may be incorrect, though we will correct them once later discovered!

[22:46] 14. (Man With a Harmonica) + Knights of Cydonia
[22:38] 13. Time is Running Out
[22:34] 12. Undisclosed Desires
[22:23] 11. Starlight (Who Knows Who riff)
[22:17] 10. Popcorn (YT)
[22:10] 9. Cave (yes, really!)
[22:07] 8. United States of Eurasia (no CD)
[22:02] 7. Map of the Problematique
[21:53] 6. New Born
[21:47] 5. Hysteria
[21:42] 4. Resistance (Absolution Interlude)
[21:30] 3. SS
[21:30] 2. SMBH
[21:25] 1. Uprising
[20:51] Source: Laura - Final support band have finished - can you FEEL the tension!?
[20:30] Source: Laura - Next support band are up! It's cold.
[19:56] Source: Several - Waiting for Muse to begin...
[Earlier] Source: Laura (text): The gig is due to start with Uprising
[Earlier] Source: Twitpic - Beautiful stage (pic)
[Earlier] Source: Ollyog (Twitter) - Cave is on the setlist!