Taken By Storm

Taken By Storm: Art of Storm Thorgerson is on the move again! With stops in New York, Birmingham, Cleveland, Milan, San Francisco and Bath booked, and discussions with other cities underway, it should be a great event. Comatorium and Televators will be included in the famous album covers in the show. Muse’s artwork will be included amongst the other famous album covers in the show.

The show will be in Birmingham in less than 3 weeks time, so make sure you pop your head in to marvel at nice hi-resolution pictures of Muse goodness.

“Storm Warning” will open on 5th October at St Paul’s Gallery, 94 - 106 Northwood Street, Off St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1TH England. The exhibition will continue until 28th October 2006. The official opening night will be held on 5th October from 6pm – 9pm. For further information on the gallery, please refer to http://www.stpaulsgallery.com. "

Press release below.