Stunning Posters

Great news everyone! are offering you the chance to get your hands on one of a very limited number of GORGEOUS posters!

The posters are being created as a celebration of Muselive's new design! Check out the Free Wallpaper to see their design in full. They really will blow your socks off, they are absolutely STUNNING! They are being printed on fantastically high quality Glossy A2 paper (250gsm instead of the normal 135gsm average), and we are passing our savings directly onto you.

The posters will cost you only £4 (+ 2.50 P&P) - this is an absolute bargain! Once you see them in the flesh you will understand why - it's difficult to describe their awesomeness in words.

Order your poster! (shipping ~ mid->end February)

We are also going to be sending these posters out (free of charge!) to ALL new 6-month and 12-month subscribers. Upgrade your account to take advantage of this offer! Remember to include your address! By subscribing you will benefit from a private forum, no advertising whatsoever, a 'starred' username and an unlimited download limit for use in SYS.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! The money raised from these posters will be put towards site maintenance, improvements and server upgrades :)