Student Interview with Dom New album to lighten up

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Buzzing in your ears: Muse to blast through College Park
Anyone who's been to a live Muse show knows the sensation - the second encore is over, the band walks off stage and all of a sudden your ears are filled with a persistent, near-deafening ring.

Muse drummer Dominic Howard knows the sound quite well. With three recent tours under his belt, he explained to The Hatchet how he's learned to live with a constant, aural buzz. "You just get used to it I suppose. I'm sure I'll be deaf by the time I'm 50."

While Muse doesn't intend to promote hearing loss, it's a potential consequence of the band's theatrical, live sets. Muse's flood of piano, drums and guitar can cause causing even the hardest-assed concertgoers to stealthily purchase earplugs.