Sponsorship and SYS Now Online

This is just a note to tell you that MuseLive.com have partnered with BlogRig.Com to provide you all with a free blog!

This is a limited time offer only - this service has not yet been advertised anywhere before.

By signing up now, you will be given a PREMIUM Blog Account for free! For Life! The normal cost of this wouldl be £5 / month, but through our partnership with BlogRig.Com we are able to offer you this for FREE! With it you will get the following features;

Unlimited Uploads,
Mobile Blogging (via email),
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Powerful Blogging Controls,
Complete Administration,
Mailing Lists (Create Your Own!),
Your Own Subdomain (http://yourname.blogrig.com)
Many More.

Thanks to BlogRig.Com for partnering with us!

Share Your Stuff is back online for uploads and downloads!

If any of the links are broken please PM Andrew () with a link to the forum post and I'll have a look for the file, some may have been lost when transfering to the new server I havent had a chance to check.

Go nuts!