Song by Song Review From Jeuxactu

French magazine, Jeuxactu, were one of the lucky few who were allowed a sneak peek at Muse's new album, The 2nd Law.

You can read their full review, here (in French), or check out the brief summary below (sorry for the translation - feel free to send us alternatives!).

Guitar riffs looks like Led Zeppelin, no real structure

A surprisingly calm son. The electro arrangements remind of Depeche Mode

Panic Station:
Punk and disco at the same time. Huge single material

Follow me:
It goes crescendo. starts quietly and ends in an almost dancefloor beat with big bass

Fast beat, you expect heavy riffs but they never come. Short guitar solo. The Song is a little bit underwhelming

Nice voice of Matt for a song that looks a bit like Blackout. Not very original song. Lyrics: Can you free me from this world

Big Freeze:
Very surprising song. Very funk but also very Musey. Single material also

Save me:
Very different because of the low voice of Chris

Liquid State:
Rockiest (heaviest?) song of the album. Chris sounds like the singer of Tool

Music of the trailer... No further info

Isolated system.
Begins very calm. No singing at all, main part is piano. Ends with the voice of a woman in a loop