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New Muse album not as expected. A track-by-track review...
17 May 2006

PlayLouder undertook the task of listening to the new Muse album last night and was pleased.

We were thrust into a room, forced to drink copious amounts of gin and given headphones you could walk around in. It was very handy when needing the lav, which made us wonder, did the Warners people who put this playback together sit down and come up with this idea while brainstorming? Pissing does often spoil a pure listening session, so hats off.

'Black Holes and Revelations' contains the requisite amount of crazy arpeggios, but it's a different beast from their three other albums. It's schizo at times, but at the same time there's a definite deftness about it, especially the production, executed by Rich Costey - who also did the last record. Here's an off-the-cuff blow-by-blow account, though we'll try and consign the cliches to this sentence alone... ...