So we were hacked

Some hardcore fanatic decided to hack into our server earlier, and also the server from which THIS site is hosted..

We're not sure what's happening at the moment - he claims to have full control over them... we cannot access our bootlegs server, but everything seems to be working.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from our server provider telling us our server would be disconnected in hour due to fraudulent use. Attached was an e-mail from eBay to the datacenter, telling them we were hosting a fake "eBay scam / spam" page.

Whilst talking to our hacker on MSN, he said he was responsible for the scam and did it for kicks!

I wish our server had been disconnected now, but thanks to Andrew's l337 skills we tracked down the problem and the server was saved from disconnection.

Now the hacker is angry... he's from Vietnam if anyone's interested. He wants a "hight hosting" ... what he means is he wants 5 Gb webspace and we can have our server back... he says he chose us cause he loves our website and wants to host his own "music webble".

Unfortunately, because he's a dumb shit (sorry about the language), we cannot create his account due to his hacking and partial demolition of the server!

So what im telling you, basically, is that THIS site or the bootlegs / SYS uploads might screw up shortly... cause we still dont know what's happening. He's still on the loose, clumsy faggot.

Right, thats it - wish us luck. :(