SMBH iTunes EP Confirmed Fake

Here is the message from iTunes Marketing Team regarding the Supermassive Black Hole Limited EP available on the iTunes Music Store as previously reported here.

The iTunes Marketing Team

We've received a few complaints about the album since it was released on iTunes; we do apologize for the problems you've experienced. Right now I am doing some research to figure out how to issue a refund as well as fix the audio problems you've experienced. I will be in touch as soon as I have gathered more information on how best to fix this for you.

Thanks for your patience, and again apologies for the inconvenience.

The iTunes Marketing Team

The 3-track EP was available for 2 days and included two live tracks, A Crying Shame (Live) and Knights of Cydonia (Live). However, both tracks were not sounboard recordings and the quality was by far poorer than any current official release.

This e-mail, we presume, was sent to everyone who made a complaint.