Slash about Muse

Along with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, 63, and Eddie Van Halen, 53, Slash is one of the all-time great guitarists. But he is pretty damning of today’s generation of fret fiddlers.

“It’s sad,” he says. “There’s no identifiable guitar players in rock ’n’ roll any more.

“With the exception of Jack White – who is great – the new breed of bands aren’t bringing out decent guitarists. Rock ’n’ roll is so diluted in this millennium, you just don’t hear good solos. And I hate EMO.”

But there is at least one band Slash still has a bit of time for.

He said: “I did a gig with Muse recently and those guys can really play.
“It’s not really what I’d call proper rock ’n’ roll, but they do something pretty special. And I admire that.”