Sister Site Pre-Launch

A friend and I are working on another music site! We know there are million of music sites out there so we thought, hey, lets do something a bit different. So, basically... this site will only be for bands which we deem good. Any other bands will have the piss ripped out of them and be laughed at continuously.


You're A Culture Snob. Get Over It.

Right now its just a forum with 3 members! (this is the first publicity it's ever had!) So, your mission fellow members etc etc is to SIGN UP on the forum and POST LIKE CRAZY!! The main site will probably open in a few months time, in the meantime we want us much craziness on the forum as possible!!

So if you want to be part of the craziness, sign up at the Culture Snobs Forums!

The first 30 members (if active) will be given access to a special section of the new site.

Enjoy :)