Sing For Absolution Video

Found this on the Muse forums

Recently i got a chance to view the un-edited Sing for Abs...
promotional video.It shall be listed on the Music channels at the start of
next week (22nd March).
It takes place in an ice field in Northern Alaska, most of it was shot at
dawn and dusk to enhance the really eerie lighting. The rough plot, The
guys are out on skiddoos (snow bikes) riding along the rugged
mountainous terrain, when Matthew decides to go off ahead of Chris
and Dom, unfortunately for Matt he doesnt see the huge Chasm in
which he is about to ride into, as it is concealed by the winter blizzard in
which they are riding in.
He races towards the gaping crack in the ice field, getting closer and
closer until.... He falls deep into it. Chris and Dom see this and rush to
his Aid, they appear to be distraught, but amazing beam of
light Blasts through the Chasm as Matt in an almost Christ like Position
( think of the Angel/chosen people on the Album artwork) flies from the
crack. His soul is being cleansed by the Aurora borialis (northern lights).
His body lying there motionless in this tube of flowing light zooms
across the Nights' sky as Chris and Dom stand there in Awe...Now i
won't ruin the ending as its a real spectacle!
I hope my description isnt too vague for you ( not all the effects and
such have been added yet). You'll be able to see it for real in just over
a week.


Well at least it's unique!