Server working again

Eugh, seems like we may have finally sorted everything. Only problem is, our 80GB hard drive on the server is 90% full somehow... it was only 10% full before the hacking attempt.

I actually spoke to him today, he was bragging about hacking into aplushost or some crappy hosting company. What a tit.

Anyway, we've tried to secure our server using various firewalls and such, so hopefully this wont happen again.

Our server dudes (the people we bought our server from) aren't too happy - they're complaining about DNS zones and all the work they've had to put in and they want to charge us $50 / mo for any additional support we want. So, screw them.

We've found a good solution which we're tempted to go with:

Unfortunately, if we choose them we will be paying about $140 for our server. is now funded by advertisements (unless we received enough in donations), so if you see an ad at the top which interests you, feel free to click :)

Thanks for all your support guys!!

The Team