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Herald Express: 15th December 2005

'Council Call For Muse Tribute' By John Ware.

Top Teignmouth rockers Muse are being feted by district councillers.

One teignbridge member is so proud of their achievements, he wants the authority to ask them to play a local gig and be given civic reception.

"They are one of the major rock bands in the world at the moment, and an inspiration to local youngsters," enthused Cllr Jeremy Christophers, the member for the Bickington area.

"All three are real home-grown talent and have put Teignbridge on the map. They have given the area the sort of good publicity that money can't buy, and shown that coming from a relative musical backwater is no deterrent to making it big around the globe."

Cllr Christophers and four colleagues have put down a motion for tommorows full council meeting asking Teignbridge to officially invite them to play locally "in celebration and recognition of the outstanding contribution to the international music scene."

A spokesman for Muse said the boys would be thrilled to receive an invitation.

"But it would take a long time to arrange a gig locally because they have such a heacy schedule. They still keep in touch with relatives and friends in Teignmouth area, and hope that their success will encourage other young musicians down there to perservere. The Band spend a lot of time touring abroad these days, and they are currently recording a new album in New York studios, for release in late Spring. But they have never forgotten their roots."