Royal Albert Hall Reviewed - NME Climax

This week's issue of NME Magazine includes a very favourable review of the RAH gig, which exemplifies just why hyperbole-happy fanboys should not be allowed to write for the music press.

Muse - Royal Albert Hall, London - Saturday, May 12
Low-key? Pah! Even without their pyro and stage tricks Matt Bellamy and co are unbeatable

Kiss without the make-up. Brandon Flowers without the moustache. Iggy without the waggled wanger. Panic At The Disco without the !. Intriguing ideas, but could they ever really work?

The same could be thought of Muse without the flash and flam; the pixelised bells and inflatable whistles. Their immersion in technological blitzkrieg was realised fully at Wembley; think the screens the size of the Great Wall of China blasting out futuristic hypervisuals that could frazzle the synapses of the blind, the ballerinas suspended from floating white moons....