Rock For Clever People

Thanks to our forum member for typing this out! A nice interview with Dom, discussing Muselive's slogan, ¨Rock For Clever People¨ and their steady rise to fame.

"Rock music for clever people" seems like a terribly pompous way to describe one of the most powerful rock bands on planet Earth.

However the tag — bestowed upon them by countless rock music critics — is one that English trio Muse find most amusing.

"The music we make has a lot of depth to it. So, I would consider the people who listen to our music cool, smart and intelligent people," drummer Dominic Howard told TODAY with a laugh in a phone interview from his home in London.

The critically-acclaimed band — famous for their blend of indie and progressive rock, but best known for their energetic live performances — will play at Fort Canning park on Tuesday evening.

It is the group's first visit to these shores and one that is highly anticipated. According to concert promoters LAMC Productions, they have sold over 6,000 tickets for the one-night-only event.

But, before you think Howard is taking himself a bit too seriously, he breaks into chuckles.

"You don't have to be intelligent like us," he said, reassuringly. "Music is about provoking emotions. If you feel something for what we do, then that's great."...