Review of Wembley 21st Nov 06 - Independent

Muse, Wembley Arena, London ** (4Stars)
By Kevin Harley
Published: 23 November 2006

You have to hand it to Muse: they might look just like three blokes from Devon, but they know how to take charge of an arena. That much is obvious from the start of their three-night stand at Wembley.

As the drummer emerges from a cocooned satellite dish and the light show seems to channel the entire national grid, the trio's diminutive firebrand-cum-crackpot of a singer, Matt Bellamy, spits out the anti-Bush protest-prog tirade of "Take a Bow". As he reaches the chorus, the audience throw their heads back as one and howl: "You will burn! In hell! For your sins!" As openers go, it beats "Good evening, Wembley!" hands down. ...