Review of Shepards Bush Empire Gig in NME

Thanks to kezandmatt for typing this up for us.

NME Magazine
Big noise, big screens, supermassive big holes: in the future all gigs will be like this

You should treat this review like the Q scene in a Bond movie, the bit where he's showing off all the amazing gadgets and weapons he'll be getting to use in the coming months. You'll be 007, Muse will be the amazing scientists, the songs will be the inventions, Shepard's Bush Empire will be an underground bunker deep in the heart of London and I get to be John Cleese. Which suits me, obviously, but the fast is that this free, fan-club-only show is the soul chance UK fans are going to get to hear these songs live before summer headlining festivals- where the stakes will be raised to the ultimate degree, every night.