Review A Day - Invincible

Sorry for this being late!

Tom Wilson
“I don’t think we’d ever go for the official World Cup song or anything like that, I mean, it’s a sure-fire way to end your career, isn’t it?” says Chris when we suggest to him that Invincible is becoming a bit of a footy anthem. Uplifting lyrics, a marching band accompaniment and almost tear inducing harmonies all contribute to that sense of patriotism which one experiences when watching England / [Insert Home Country’s Team] finally beat Team X. Muse have always been one for over-the-top rifftastic and, well, plain silly songs, and Invincible is in no way an exception.
Upon first listening to this track, you never quite know where it’s going to take you – starting with a sliding guitar introduction and rattling drum sidekick, the song gathers momentum in the same form as Take a Bow, with Bellamy’s voice bellowing out “…together we’re Invincible, together we’re Invincible…”, momentary interludes of bass and guitar swimming alongside the chorus – it all fits together so perfectly, creating a path for Muse to walk along triumphantly. It ends with a thumping drum alongside Chris’s bass, with Matt’s guitar going berserk in the foreground, a spectacular finale to a spectacular achievement of musical composition.